Bradburns outside Britain

Bradburns outside Great Britain


Irish Bradburns

James Bradburn has said that he will do the research into the Irish Bradburns as his ancestors came from there to North America, so I will only put down for the record any facts on Irish Bradburns that I have picked up as a by-product of my British research.
The first reference I have come across to a Bradburn in Ireland is dated 28 October 1351 {D39} when Thomas de Bradebourne was appointed by John de Bohun of Midhurst “to be his attorney in Ireland for two years. Edmund de Grymesby received the attorney”. Midhurst is in West Sussex, England, about fifteen miles north of Chichester and much nearer to Bradbourne, Kent than to Bradbourne, Derbyshire. We have to wonder whether this Thomas was a Kent man who had taken the name of his village or a Derbyshire Bradburn who was away from his home ground. In fact, in an earlier chapter, we came across the will of Richard de Bradburn of Chichester in 1345 {D36} who seemed to have originated from Chester and could be one of the Derbyshire Bradburns, so this Thomas may well have been related to him and therefore possibly also a Derbyshire Bradburn. On June 27th 1354, this Thomas de Bradburn, chaplain, was enfeoffed of the manors of Ballymadan, Berton and Glassely, County Kildare, Ireland and of the manor of Castelcombre, County Kildare and of the advowson of the church of that manor {D40}. Thomas de Bradburn, clerk, is mentioned again in 1356 {D41} when he is given another two years as the attorney of John de Bohun in Ireland.
Predating these references to Thomas de Bradburn, but possibly not relevant to this study, is the fact that a Robert de Esseburn was the mayor of Dublin, Ireland in 1261, 1262, 1263 and 1271 {D42} (remember that the de Esseburnes of Ashbourne, Derbyshire seem to have become the de Bradburns). There was more than one place called Esseburne (Ashbourne) and there is nothing that I can find to say that the Dublin mayor was of the Derbyshire town of Esseburne and therefore a Bradburn relative. However, the Derbyshire de Esseburnes were prominent in the thirteenth century as the achievements of Sir Robert de Esseburne attest.


North American Bradburns

Bradburns are recorded in America from early times. The first mention I know of is of an Alexander Bradburn who was in the county of Accomack, Virginia in 1633, where he appeared in court on January 7 to acknowledge a debt of two barrels of corn. Several Bradburns are recorded in Virginia between 1673 and 1691 and their descendants seem to have spread out from their Virginia base in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, during which time many more Bradburn immigrants would have joined them in America.
A notable US Bradburn was Juan Davis Bradburn (born John Davis Bradburn in 1787 in Virginia and died April 20, 1842). He fought under Augustin de Iturbide for Mexican independence from Spain. He gained a very unfavourable reputation after causing the Anahuac, Texas disturbances and made his way into Mexico proper where he became a brigadier general in the Mexican army. He retired to Matamoros, Mexico where he died. He had married Maria Josefa Luna Hurtado de Mendoza and in 1827 they had a son Andres Maria Agustin Juan Manuel Cleojas Bradburn Luna.
A more recent US citizen was George Bradburn (March 4, 1806 – July 26, 1880) who was an American politician and Unitarian minister who worked for the abolition of slavery and for womens’ rights.
A number of North American Bradburns are currently studying their Bradburn ancestry, but as far as I know, none is conducting a full one-name study to record all Bradburns who have lived in North America. James Bradburn is doing a thorough study of Canadian Bradburns who include his ancestors and Gayle Bradburn has uncovered much information about certain lines of Bradburns in the USA. A small number of North American Bradburns have had a Y-DNA reading and are listed (together with British and Australian Bradburns) in the Bradburn DNA project on Family Tree DNA.
If no North American Bradburn comes forward to do a one-name study of their continent, I will endeavour to start that process when I have done a more complete job on the British Bradburns.


Australian and New Zealand Bradburns

There are some Bradburns looking into their ancestry in AU and NZ, but again no one-name study yet. I hope also to start such a study if no locals volunteer.

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